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About Us

​Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant (SEH) is one of Singapore’s most popular, respected Halal restaurant serving Authentic Traditional Local style Cuisine, a mixture of dishes mostly Chinese and Malay Style, we are also a pioneer specializing in Halal Local Seafood since 1997.

SEH Seafood Restaurant provides a fine example of a stylish modern Halal eatery and also preserving and promoting the traditional Taste using ingredient that are healthier, elegant yet friendly and dynamic. The contemporary Local Tze Char Menu Within the Restaurant atmosphere has helped to make Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant a classic Singapore Family and Friends gathering place.


Having now expand to catering service, and with the mindset of preserving and promoting traditional local Tze char, hence "Bringing Restaurant food to you" become our Catering Tag Line, our management and Staff have all fully committed to uphold this Tag, by providing catering Service From our Central Kitchen to meet this idea of providing Our Restaurant Standard Food to Family an Friend at their desired Gathering Location,.

The enticing menu emphasizes authentic Local Traditional Singapore Tze Char cuisine prepared with the best ingredients and Seafood mainly imported directly from Our Kelong in Nearby Counties. 

We offer Great selection of Food and Drinks, from Local BBQ String Ray, Satay, to award Winning Chilli Crab, and not forgetting Our Local Favourite TEA O/ Kopi O, Ice Kacang, Chendol and Many More, it is the perfect setting for social and Family gatherings and events.  

The success of Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant is based on serving well-prepared Freshly Cooked food, executed with explicitness and taste and served with flair, care and attention, 25 year now and on Going!!

How We Started and where are we now?

Mr Neo and Madam Seah (Mrs Neo), having the passion of loving food and with the limited saving they have, They started a restaurant Name "You Yee Seafood Restaurant" in 1993 in JB, but it was tough to manage especially  having to go in and come out of Malaysia almost everyday. So in 1996, they decided to sell off the business after 3 year.

They decided to start working back to their old job, but in 1997, an opportunity arise, an old customer of theirs, that often support them in JB, offer them a place for them to operate, in was located 1036 sembawang Road, they started in a sharing method, and later on the other partner decided to let Mr and Mrs Neo run the business on their own as they are able to self manage on their own. in 1998 Sembawang Eating House was finally opened.

After the lease expired, they shifted to PA Water Venture in Sembawang and so on.....

In 2015, Madam Seah and Mr Kh Neo have Started to hand over the Helm to 2nd Generation Sh Neo, where that same year he set up a catering kitchen to promote local food into the Catering market, provide restaurant food to private/ Company events and Govt Agency.  

SH went on to lead the Company and Preserving local tradition Tze Char in Marina Barrage for another 2 years till they got a letter from Marina Barrage to moved, and that was when Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant ended its Restaurant Operation, and only left with Catering Operation.

In Jan 2020, Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant once again open it restaurant in Sembawang Hot Spring Park and currently, in Nov 2021, Mr Sh Neo have opened a new outlet "Bottle Tree Cafe Restaurant" by Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant in Singapore Discovery Centre

We look forward to your support and thank you for supporting locals and loving our FOOD!!

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